The Othello cast versus the Van…

Working with fantastically talented people, performing every night, travelling to numerous different theatres, and doing two shows in rep are the most wonderful part of being in a touring theatre company. The less wonderful part is the amount of driving the company have to do to get those fantastic shows to different parts of the country!

That being the case, from time to time there are literal bumps in the road… One such bump occurred on the company’s recent trip to Scotland when a tank of petrol was inadvertently put in our transit van – a van that most definitely prefers diesel!


Waiting for rescue!

After a windy wait by the van the cast spent a delightful spell in Beaconsfield Services while the fuel tank was drained and refilled! Spirits remained high however, and the cast used the time to eat, rest and refresh lines for both Othello and Hedda Gabler before commencing the week of Scottish performances.

On the way back from Scotland, another fuel-related foul resulted in three of the cast running out of diesel 15 miles south of Lancaster!

The now familiar sight of the cast in a lay-by…

This time, however, luck was on their side as the rest of the cast were close behind and with a fuel can on board! The van was quickly back on the road and all of the cast, company and vans returned safely home for a well-earned day off.

Lessons learned…!

Cast: 0 / Vans: 2


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