Having a Wales of a Time!

Icarus Theatre Collective were thrilled to be invited to run Othello workshops at Venue Cymru’s ‘take pART!’ event on 11th January – a free arts event for over 4000 young people in the Llandudno area. So Kaiden DuBois (Icarus Shakespeare actor) and Kate Brown (Education Manager) woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, and, coffee in hand, set off to Llandudno to see what Wales had in store.

Circus Funphoto (6)Kate and Kaiden arrived at the theatre to find an amazing event packed with circus, graffiti lessons, balloon modelling, drumming classes, puppetry, skating, live performance and art activities…to name but a few!

Kate ran around the packed arena encouraging young people to take part in a ‘Reduced Othello’ workshop and managed to snag a whole dance troupe of 25 enthusiastic performers.  A very successful and lively workshop ensued, including some very hearty renditions of some of the music in Icarus’ Othello, and an inventive exploration of some of the scenes of the play in the style of ‘Big Brother’ and ‘The Only Way is Essex’! It was amazing to see young people so excited and engaged in Shakespeare, and they all left brimming with enthusiasm about Icarus’ upcoming production at Venue Cymru on 30th January.image (8)

image (10)photo (8)In the lunch break Kaiden and Kate decided to unleash their inner children and make the most of some of the exciting events on offer. They were proud to add a few bricks to a huge Lego picture being created, they painted an ‘Icarus’ rock, watched some live performance and had a play with some puppets. Their only regret was not joining the queue for the face painting in time… maybe next time!

After lunch it was time for the second Othello workshop of the day. The participants in this workshop were a real mix of ages, from 8 years old to adult, and all joined together to create a brilliant and imaginitive Reduced Othello performance (who knew Othello could be performed in the style of ‘Sherlock Holmes’?). They all left with a real understanding of the play, telling us they can’t wait to see how it’s performed by professional actors. Having said that, the youngest member’s ‘Iago’ had such a wicked laugh and sneaky plotting face that she might even give our fantastic Iago, David Martin, a run for his money! image (14)image (17)image (11)

All in all, a fantastic day was had by all. Thank you Venue Cymru for inviting us and we’re really looking forward to performing at your beautiful venue at the end of the month!

Icarus Theatre Collective will be performing Othello at Venue Cymru on 30th January 2014, 1.30pm and 7.30pm. Visit https://www.venuecymru.co.uk/whats-on/Othello-2014.html to book tickets.


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