Dessert Ireland Disks

One of the ways in which the Othello company reward themselves for all their hardwork on tour is with the ‘occasional’ sweet treat.

This tradition began when our very own ‘EduKate’ made us a scrumptious red velvet cake for opening night at The Kings Theatre, Southsea and since then, many other delicious desserts have followed.WP_001478

During the long stretch in Ireland, the cast found cooking ‘family’ dinners every so often was a home comfort that everyone appreciated – particularly when the meal in our Derry digs was a full roast dinner…

Derry Dinner

Pear Tart Mark 1

…followed by a pear tart!




At the McNeill in Larne, the cast were treated to a lovely dinner by the theatre, and our Desdemona almost incurred Othello’s genuine wrath by ‘accidentally’ eating a pavlova meant for him! Luckily, as you can see, he graciously forgave her, and here they are sharing a Banoffee Pie between shows at the Theatre Royal in Waterford!


At our fantastic digs in Kilkenny we were welcomed with a lovely lemon cake in each cottage:

Lemon CakeWP_001583



Meanwhile, at the Watergate Theatre, Othello was serving up a sweet treat of his own for the cast and crew:


Last, but by no means least, the Othello cast surprised their Emilia on her birthday with a delectable giant cupcake, certainly a gift that was enjoyed by all!

Giant cup cake


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