The Othello Cast versus The Machine

One of the most challenging things about touring, particularly in a show that uses a lot of blood, is finding the time and facilities to do the company washing.  Equally tricky is finding the time and facilities to do personal washing, although it is very important as otherwise by now – more than seven weeks in – the cast would not want to share a dressing room or van with each other!

The theatres we have visited have been incredibly generous and allowed us to use their machines for both types of washing, but what no one had foreseen was the wealth of weird and wonderful experiences this myriad of mystery machines would expose us to.

On two separate occasions, the washing cycle refused to keep up with the cast’s super-fast get outs. Debs and Meg valiantly volunteered to wait for the vexing vestments at one theatre, which led to them taking shifts sitting sadly on a Henry Hoover watching the extended spin cycle. At another, when the machine stopped, the door would still not open – in case of emergency break glass?

Gary’s struggles to work out the wayward washers were today eclipsed by David S fatal foible – adding fairy liquid to his laborious laundry in place of fabric softener!!! Foamy does not even begin to describe it…but this photo should!:


At this moment, the cast are patiently waiting for the spin cycle to kick in so we can leave to go to our next get in…90 mins away…

So far: Machine 3, Othello Cast 0.


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