Kickstarting our latest project…

We have an announcement to make!

We have been lucky enough to receive funding from Arts Council England for our upcoming tour of Othello and Hedda Gabler. This is obviously a huge blessing for us, one which will allow us to aim higher and reach further as we create these performances.

Making theatre is an expensive business, and we are absolutely committed to making our tenth anniversary tour our best yet. We are extremely excited about the potential for these shows – our cast and creative team are all working hard and producing amazing results so far. So to make all our hard work worth it, we need a little extra help.

This is where you come in!

ImageWe are taking this opportunity to launch our new fundraising project. For the next 39 days, our Kickstarter page will be live, where you can make a donation, read more about our tour, what our fundraising needs are, and where your money will be going. 

Any donations will be appreciated, no matter how small. And to show this appreciation, you will receive a reward in return for your donation – it could be anything from an Icarus mug to dinner with the director!


Join the Arts Council in supporting our work here:

Icarus 10th Anniversary Tour Othello & Hedda Gabler

Many thanks in advance for your kind donation.

The Icarus Team


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