An Exciting Announcement…

We are THRILLED to announce that Icarus has received its first ever Arts Council funding!

This is an extremely exciting event in the company’s history, marking a decade of hard work as Icarus reaches its ten year anniversary in January.

Being only a few weeks away from rehearsal, the design production will soon be in full swing. It is a very exciting time as the designs become actuality: the set is constructed, the props sourced and the costumes produced. This funding will assist in the creation of these elements, allowing us to create a vibrantly visual production of the uppermost quality and to pay our actors TMA rates.


                                        It’s all smiles in the office as we receive Arts Council news

            Sadly not all the staff could be in for taking the picture, can you tell who’s been photo shopped?

Top left to right: Kate Brown (Education Manager), Ceri Payne (Administrator), Meg Jones (Operations and Production Manager), Max Lewendel (Artistic Director) Bottom left to right: Megan Bloomfield, Annsofie Wikegard, Mafalda Chantre, Serena Norman and Phillipa Kane (Interns) 

This year we are touring William Shakespeare’s famous Othello, which will run from September 2013-May 2014. The story is a dangerous tale of jealousy, ambition and love, highlighted through the use of a live string quartet and a stunning cast ensemble. The tour will open at Kings Theatre, Southsea on the 12th September 2013 before embarking on its journey around Great Britain.

For a full tour schedule and further details about the show, please visit our website at:

You can also follow us on twitter at:

or on our Facebook page:


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