First weeks flying as an Icarus intern!

The third week since I began my internship at Icarus Theatre Collective is now coming to an end. Feels like time has flown by.

Usually, when entering a new environment there is a period of adaptation inherent to it; especially if the group you’re entering is already established and familiar to each other. Even so, it seems as if at Icarus this period didn’t exist. I was welcomed to the family with open arms and from day one I was treated as part of the group.

I was immediately included in the functioning of the company and truly feel like an equal. As an intern, I initially assumed I would be starting at the ‘bottom of the food chain’, as generally occurs. However, at Icarus I am part of the company.

It is my first internship; therefore I did not have any expectations. I was prepared for whatever would come my way and I must say that for someone who came prepared for anything, the experience has been absolutely nothing but positive!

I decided to do an internship because I wanted to gain hands-on experience and observe how a theatre company works from the inside. It’s only been three short weeks and the internship has provided me with even more than that. I don’t only observe how Icarus works, but I feel that the work I am doing helps the company move forward as well. The fact that Icarus is a collective truly makes a difference in this respect, as it welcomes all its members’ contribution and opinions. And that includes the interns!

The internship is an evolving experience. It is moving forward in a developing manner; therefore I am slowly but surely becoming more and more familiar with both the projects under development and the Icarus way of working. This is being carried out very smoothly and it’s as if there is a natural course to the internship’s progression.


The exciting news is that this week I get to sit in on the Othello and Hedda Gabler auditions! This will be an important day for me, both as an intern and as an aspiring actress. The fact that Icarus is willing to take me on board for such a significant step in the entire process is extraordinary. I feel like it will be extremely fulfilling, as I’ll get an idea of what it is to be part of a panel of auditions. Hopefully it will help me to face them much better as an actress.

My experience so far tells me that the development of Othello and Hedda Gabler holds new and interesting surprises and I am very much looking forward to them. I couldn’t have been off to a better start. A huge thank you to Ceri, Max, Meg, Kate, Philippa and Serena.


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